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Elegant Linen Pillow Slips For Sophisticated Bedding

Posted by Lucas Shann

In a room of any type, linen pillow slips make an integral part of our life as sometimes it’s alright if we don’t get a mattress to sleep but the pillow is must, as pillows are cushion-like support to the head when we are sleeping. The main purpose of the pillow can be elaborated as an accessory designed to give support and comfort to the body and head. After a long day, we always want a sound sleep and to make these possible pillows the most desired and most important part of the bed.

Well, with the use of decorative throw pillow covers you can do just that! Whether it be your bedroom, living area or even your patio area, decorative pillow covers can be used to great effect saving you cash in the short and long terms as well as ensuring your home gets the makeover it needs.

Size of the decorative throw pillow cover

Size is important as you do not want to purchase a pillow cover that is too small or too big. The standard-sized throw pillow is usually around size 16 for standard square types. Larger sizes are available ranging up to 24 inches in some cases so be sure to make the right choice beforehand.

Throw pillowcases can be made out of different fabrics. Some are made of cotton while others are made of silk. Just like with the pattern, choose which one you should have based on the concept that you plan to carry out.

Type of material used

Decorative pillowcases can come in a number of fabrics ranging from your standard polyester to more exotic types made of silk and satin. If comfort is something you are looking for then paying that little extra can go a long way in terms of comfort. For a durable type cover perhaps leather or suede based cover might be suited. With such a huge variety of fabrics to choose from you certainly will not be lost for choice.

There are other types of pillows that are totally different from the bedroom pillows; these are used only for decorative purposes. These pillows usually have fancy coverings and no pillow covers, which are used to decorate the room. These linen pillow slips are also used as an integral part of the furnishings as they can be used in a real designer manner to decorate the hall furniture like sofa, chairs and window seats.

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