Best Time to Have San Diego Photographers for a Baby Photo Shoot

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A baby is an important member of a family. Indeed, most people consider a newborn a blessing, and hiring one of the best San Diego photographers for a photo is one of the best decisions that any parent can make. Many parents love capturing every beautiful moment of the baby’s developmental stages. But, have you ever wondered when the best time to take your baby for a photo shoot is?

Baby Photo Shoot by San Diego Photographers

It’s not difficult to find an experienced photographer to take the best shot of your baby. The problem is that many of us parents don’t know the best time for baby photography in San Diego. Most professional photographers recommend two times when you’re likely to get the perfect photo of your little one:

San Diego photographers

Age between 7 and 10 Days

Why at this age? Well, at this age your baby is likely to remain still, curled up, chilled, and sleepy. At that moment, the photographer can take a shot any way they want. You can also place the baby where you want the photo to appear the best.

Think of the background, theme, and everything. You can achieve all that you want to capture in the photograph. And that’s what most modern-day parents would love, especially first-time ones. However, if you find it hard to get a photo for your baby at this age, you can wait until the age we’ve mentioned below.

Age between 6 and 9 Months

On average, babies tend to start sitting still on their own at the age 6 and 9 months. Therefore, you should also take advantage of this moment to capture any beautiful moment and preserve it in your family album. Like when the baby is days old, they may not yet be crawling at 6 months.

That means they can sit still without moving, allowing the photographer all the time they need to create the lighting for them and capture that gorgeous photo. Moreover, at the age of 6 to 9 months, your baby can stay awake for up to 3 hours. That’s the average time that most professional photographers will need for a normal photo session.


Taking a photograph of your baby is one of the best moments that every parent awaits so eagerly. We’ve learned about the two best moments when you can comfortably take a photo of your baby. Therefore, if your baby is within one of these age brackets, look for one of the best San Diego photographers and capture that beautiful moment you and the child will cherish forever.

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