What are the Major Benefits of Using Wool Winter Duvets and Pillows?

winter duvets
Posted by Jonathan Kauper

Because of its excellent insulating properties, wool is often called the miracle fibre. A wool winter duvets adds a touch of luxury to your bedroom when you use it. Thanks to its natural stuffing, the bed covering is warm, elegant, and very comfortable.

Using wool duvets and pillows in the home offers several benefits and is a very comfortable option.

Keeping Body Temperature Regulated

Since wool fibres can move water molecules freely, wool regulates your body temperature while you sleep. You should be able to be warm during the winter and cooler during the summer by using a wool duvet.

Wool keeps your body at an ideal temperature throughout a night’s sleep, so you no longer have to use a thin one in the warmer months and a thick one in the winter.

winter duvets

Natural Dust Mite Defence

If you’re looking to get uninterrupted sleep, then wool products are ideal, as they provide a natural defense against dust mites.

Wool duvets and pillows that provide some defense against dust mites are great reasons to buy such products.

Renewable and Sustainable

In theory, wool will never run out because it is sustainable and renewable.

Unlike some other alternatives, sheep’s wool can be obtained continuously without harming the planet in manufacturing.

Maintain your shape

Many duvets and pillows lose shape over time, making keeping them in their original shape challenging, but you won’t run into this problem with wool alternative duvets.

Pillows, especially, maintain their shape better if they keep it longer; otherwise, you may see dips and bumps over time.

Fire Resistant

As wool is a naturally fire-resistant material, sleeping with wool duvets and pillows could assist in the prevention of the spread of fire in the event of a fire.

Absorbs water

Approximately 33% of the weight of wool can absorb water before it feels damp. By the time you get up in the morning, you’re no longer pushing moisture into the airspace.

By the time you return to your room at night, the wool has deabsorbed the moisture to the ambient air in the room. Essentially, this means that you are able to sleep more restfully with a wool duvet in more varying temperatures than with a synthetic or down duvet. Scientific studies have confirmed this.


Buying a wool duvet from a reputable manufacturer will ensure you will never consider repurchasing a cheaper alternative.

Having seen all of these winter duvets benefits and then actually going out and purchasing one, you will see how much of a difference these products will make to your sleep and how much more comfortable you will be when you are sleeping. To learn more about this topic visit our website.

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